Wall of Honor

This May, help us recognize and remember our local military heroes during Military Appreciation Month.

Help us say thank you to the men and women who have served in our nation’s military
by submitting their
name to our Wall of Honor.

Thank you for helping us honor those who served, and who continue to serve throughout Central PA.
Submit a name below to our Wall of Honor!

Thomas Allen Bailor, US Air Force – Senior Airman – Retired
Eric Balestino, Navy –  Petty Officer 3rd rank
Daniel Brandt, Army National Guard – Staff Sergeant
Merle E. Brantner Jr., Army – Sergeant First Class

Garrett Cameron, Marines – SPL
Jarrod Cameron, Army – SPC
Ashli Campbell. Air Force – Pvt
Ronald Cherry, Army – E4 Specialist
Jackson Chilcote, Army National Guard – E5
Donald Clayton, US Navy – Petty Officer 1st Class
Jason Cornelius, Air Force – Technical Sergeant
Daniel Craig, US Army – PFC
Samuel Culbertson, Army National Guard -SPC

Howard Dougal, Army National Guard – E6
Amber Dawn Otto Flenniken, Army National Guard – Specialist

Matthew Fenton, Airforce – Tech Sergeant
Fred Fox, Army – Pvt

Fred Galosi, US Coast Guard – Chief Petty Officer
William Graham, USMC – Corporal
Mandy Jo Otto Greaser, Army National Guard – Specialist
Dickson Grenoble, Army – Specialist 4

Devin Heaton, Army – PFC
Randy Hodgson, Air Force – Staff SSGT

Devin Killian, Army – Specialist
Dante Knorr, Air Force – Senior Airman

John Massaro, Sr. Army Air Corps, PFC
Tyler McCaulsky, Navy – E4 Petty Officer, Third Class
Richard McClure, Army – Sp4
Luke Mchugh, Army – SFC 
Jordan Mellott, Army Reserve – Sergeant First Class
Jocelyn Miller, US Coast Guard- E-5
Jacob Mohler, US Air Force – Senior Airman
Zachary Molliver, Navy – E2 Seaman Apprentice
Thomas Moyer, Army – Sergeant

Ryan O’Connor, Army – Major
Courtney Otto, Army National Guard – Specialist
Zane Otto, Army National Guard – Sergeant First Class

Mike Partner, Navy – CPO/E-7
Michael Politi, USMC –  Corporal
Trevor Prosser, Navy – E6 ABH2

Jared Rodgers, Marine Corp – Gunnery Sergeant 

Abigayle Scalice, Army National Guard – E4
Herbert Sare, US Army Air Corps – Tech Sergeant
Miguel Santiago, US Army, PFC
Neil Schloski, Navy – E-4
Christie Schreckengost, US Coast Guard – Commander
Raymond Smith, Air Force – SSGT

Mark Tessier, Air Force – Master Sergeant

Deven Traxler, Army National Guard – Sepcialist-E4
William Tressler, Marine, Corporal and National Guard, Sergeant

Christopher Michael Utley, US Air Force – Airmen First Class

James Vance, USN – Petty Officer

Samantha Waterhouse, Air Force – Staff Sergeant
Ryan Wilt, Air Force – Sgt

Don Zengel, US Coast Guard – Petty Officer
Peter Zengel, Navy  – AMS 3

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